Friday, July 06, 2012

It's National Fried Chicken Day....Eat More Chikin !

When I was a kid, we visited the Lidels in Norfolk between Dad's duty stations and with 6 rambunctious kids flying about, Mom and Elaine decided KFC was just the thing.
That was the last time I had KFC.
Sick as the proverbial dog.
I could work at the KFC in Pullman ( shite..was there a bar/pub/fast food I didn't work in ? Um..possibly the Ming room but that is the only one that comes to mind. When you are young you can work more than 1 job if you need..and I did .)
I didn't know till college that each region had their own recipe and that it varied widely.
For the longest time, also known as until I moved down here, if I wanted fried chicken I had to make it myself..and lets face it ..making it for 1 or 2 people at the most seemed silly.

And then the clouds lifted, the Angels sang and all was good.
Voila !
Churches Fried Chicken.
Hot damn.
Then they came out with the extra spicy...double hot damn.
Now some folks like Popeyes and there is nothing wrong with that.
< Insert 2 year old voice here > .."But Churches biscuits are mo bedder that Popeyes...thzzzzzpppppppppp !
Now, I prefer honey on my fried chicken....don't judge....and I am so tempted to get a waffle maker...I know...I more thing to find a place for in the kitchen..

But dammit..I want some wings and waffles !
Oh Hell Yeah !
It's a southern thing.

Have a great weekend.
Next up..Bruce..of course !
Aunty Pol

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