Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday everyone !
Since SU, the Crazy Cajuns and I are heading to Ren Fes this weekend, I thought the two photos above were appropriately theme related..yeah ..I do stuff like that .

Control freak...Moi ?

We have been busy lil beavers this week after work, policing the joint up the house a bit since we won't be home all day tomorrow, and frankly , I have no energy to do much beyond laundry the last few weeks after fighting sinus/allergies. And as always, I am grateful to have a spouse who pitches in, it really makes a huge difference.

So after leaving the house at OMG WTF thirty on a Saturday am, we will forage for breakfast and head up there. The Cajun said when asked that for his birthday, he/they wanted to go to the Kings wine tasting..which is at 1 friggan pm.

1 PM.


I did some research and it is a true wine tasting so there won't be any of the usual drink your ass off behavior that has become rampant some years ( not us honest to Gaia....but you know how festivals can be,,and frankly I am really over a lot of that shite ) ...and lets face it ..folks our age are the ones that will be more than likely the majority of the limited number of people group .

Hippsters don't do wine tastings.

Hippsters , come to think of it don't really do Ren Fes anyway and the Festival itself does a very good job of policing just because you don't see them doesn't mean that the Po Po aren't there.

I do know that I want to get some more incense and do a bit of Christmas shopping if I can , but we shall see....I am spending enough on the renovations as it is ..LMAO !

Have a great weekend !


Aunty POL

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kleinwort said...

Hope it was a wonderful day!!! Sent the niece and neph off to our renfest this weekend.

Gripe time: Dang it, they changed the ticketing. Grrrrr. For the last umpteen years they've sold discounted group tickets valid for the entire run. Aunt Lisa would snatch up 20 or so and distribute several to each of the kids (OK, adults now, but still...) so they could take a couple of friends. It was their default birthday present. Easy for Aunt Lisa, kids loved it.

This year tickets can only be purchased for a specific day. *sigh* Somehow it's not the same, giving them cash to buy the tickets themselves. And, of course, no discount. *sigh*

Huge news today!!! Jerry is the feral cat who lived under the furniture in the living room before relocating to under my bed. It's been a while since he decided it was OK to be on the bed while I was sleeping, but he still dove under the bed when I would enter the room.

This morning he decided I was OK. He let me come close and then allowed me to pet him! He's clearly an "in for a dime, in for a dollar" kinda guy. Gave me belly and everything!!! And boy, did he want love. We must have petted for an hour. He still wants me laying down, not standing up, but let me pet him several times over the day!