Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Much Money Is It Going To Take George ?


From  MSN:

Smack Mr. Linky for the information.

Oh George,

How very noble of you to give up your baby ,  so that you may give over the creative BONANZA   ( or not depending on how one feels about the continual clusterfuck of editing  )  to a new generation of film makers.

How gallant of you to recognize that fresher faces and younger non Viagra driven minds may have new insight into the epic saga that you have created.

It is interesting that no mention has been made of the publishing rights that Lucas Arts may or may not retain.

Exactly how many shares of Disney did this garner you and what pray tell is the stock classification ?

Gaia forbid that the proposed 2015 film actually be that which has been so long promised to the faithful...you remember...the one about the Old Republic ????

Ring any bells ?

Hard to be a pimp on the street , right Mr. Lucas ?


Aunty Pol

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