Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Renovation Adventure Continues....

I had to throw this up here because since I have been obviously living under a rock, I had no idea what " Gangnam" style was I googled it.

All I can say is " WTF ?"

SU , bless his heart threw up some patches of the sample paints to look at that was a headache in the making but well worth i t. One color we immediately knew was just way too light in the bathroom so it was out. He did the same thing in the two hallways and the guest room and we noticed that there was a huge difference between the way the paint looked in the guest bath and the way that it looked in the hallways we would look at them...discuss....look again etc.

I started to make a remark about the difference and then the light bulb moment hit. He and I have watched enough design shows on HG to know that when folks have a designer come in for a consultation that they show their presentation on a huge WHITE board.

Well duh.

The reason that the  colors in the hallway look so bloody different than the bathroom is blindingly obvious.
The bathroom walls have primer on them,...white primer.

The hallways do not , the test colors are over that wretched taupe.


So ,  we will get some primer up on other walls in the hallway for a truer test , and we will also get the light fixtures up in the hallway that we want so that we can get an accurate feeling.

Sounds pretty stupid to not get that but what the hell.

I have to see how I actually feel about a color for a bit before I decide, feelings are a very real part of this process to me  . We have both on our own decided that there is no real time line in any on this in a realistic manner.

These things take time as we have learned the hard way and if you rush it , you won't be taupe hallway walls.

I know what I want and I am not going to settle.

Aunty Pol

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