Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Best Comfort Food in Dah Known Universe.

Lord knows my favorite food is roast beef, fluffy taters and gravy .
Hands down..death row, last meal..yup.

This summer has been super busy, hells bells , the whole damn year has been super busy as is noted in the lack of posting here. As Lady Lisa says, " Blogging Without Obligation"..sometimes I just had nothing to say , or I had hit a wall or was out of town or couldn't move my fat ass off the deck ( formerly known as the patio slab) and put down the kindle.

Pick which ever one floats your boat.

I couldn't even find any real recipes that I was all giddy over.

Yeah .

Losing Munchkin in June did not help but life moves on and so there you are.

I got back into the habit of checking blogs I used to be faithful to and found this over at Laurens. The recipe is super easy and crock potty ( lol) so it's perfect for the long lazy " Not dragging my ass out of the house today."

Go check out her blog , it is still a favorite.
As we progress towards the end of the year and the looming insanity , I am sure that there will be less gee dunk postings ( baked goodies/Scooby snacks etc..gee dunk was my late fathers term for it ) and more real meal postings.

We haven't had a meal with the girls in a while , they are both huge sports fans , me not so much so Footyball jacks with the Sunday dinners .....and I kinda miss that ..


Aunty Pol

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