Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Proceed To The Nearest Exit !

Now , some might think it mean spirited of me , but this made me LMAO ALL DAMN DAY !
Obviously, the person that photoshoped this had no clue whatsoever what a cat means when it's ears are flat.
It means " Run like hell..".
If at the same time the tail is bushed , it means :
" Too late, you will never make it to the door in time ."

Good times, good times.

This is the time of the year that makes me crazy.
It's been in the mid 80's during the day here which is nearly perfect ..but then at the same time it's still hurricane season so there is that bit to be watched in the gulf and it's also supposed to get down to the 40's over night this weekend...YES.............THE FORTIES !

Which means that SU and or I  will decide to turn the furnace on for the first time this year and I will have the epic furnace heater on headache.

In other news .............

The deck is up and for the most part the lights are replaced ( clear rope lights that edge the underside of the patio cover ...except for the part that decided not to work.)...and so we are waiting for the deck to dry out so SU can buff some of the labels off the planks because someone forgot to turn them all the right way but in the Morons ( the contractor , not SU... and Moron is a name given in genuine affection ) defense, he probably thought this was a non issue since we are going to stain the deck. I made the initial mistake of not thinking it through and opting for solid paint for the deck and then realizing that solid was NOT what I wanted ..after SU had tried his very best to get ahead of the game and buy the paint.Fear not, at some point we are going to have a decent ( ie. non metal trailer trash rusted out metal one ) garden shed and ...VOILA...we already have the paint to paint that bad boy....WHEEEEE !

And I finally got smart and got some paint samples....

More to follow....

Aunty Pol

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