Thursday, August 16, 2012

I think My Head 'Sploaded From The Cute .

I saw this on a facebook post reply to something Wil Wheaton put up ...yeah ..I'm a fan girl ..

Anyhoo, I had to zip over to Etsy and check it out.

A hand knitted Sheldon Meerkat....BAZINGA !

And, they have one of Amy !

Then it hit me, amid the cuteness.
August is half over.
We only have 3 more weekends that we can wear bluejeans to the office on Fridays save for any Friday of a three day holiday weekend.
Rumor has it that the Atlanta office can wear theirs every Friday which is BULLSHIT..if true..but until I have more data , I am not going to challenge it.

Then it hit me..4 months to Christmas.

And for once, I didn't feel the combination of panic and bile rise up.

Usually , we are all fretting about Christmas bonus..yep..I'm a fairly high ranking fretter.
We always get it but you know how that is .
My bonus pays for the annual property taxes on the house so it's a challenge to say the least to ease into Christmas with that...

Until now.

Because of a change in financial circumstances here at the swamp, the angst is over.

It is unfortunate that this is due to an inheritance, but it is what it is .
I am uber prudent with money and I think the thing that makes the most difference to me is the ability to be able to do the small gestures for co-workers that before had not even been an option.

I might be  able to finally enjoy it all without the last minute scramble and feeling that we just have to get through it.

Deep down, I know that the holidays mean more than that and they do to me , but it will be nice to not have the extra helping of angst.

So..if I post some stuff that I find uber cute or silly or actually..the usual stuff come to think of it..enjoy.

Aunty Pol

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