Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Grilled Chicken Breasts

I know..isn't the title a mouth full ?

Do you ever have the dreaded " Bored out of my mind with what to cook for Sunday dinner ? "

I have recently and I know that it is not boredom per se , it's stress.
My mind shuts down..not off dear, down .
It seems like it's been crazy around the swamp lately. His work is off the scale with the prep that the clients/patients need for the back to school get my adjustments done. This is a variation of the much feared and oft lamented " End of the year , get my adjustments done before the new deductible kicks in after the first of the year."
Me...I work for attorneys so I am pretty much always bat shit crazy.
At least I am self aware.

New Orleans was fun , educational but fun.
Imagine that..using the words New Orleans and educational in the same sentence.
I'm gonna laugh about that all day.
I learned that some of SU's family are Pentecostal..
And that one of his cousins attended the reunion, went home that night , went about his usual routine, went to bed ..and..........

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

The clutter is getting better after the trip, except that " Where handbags go to die " is reopened in the bedroom and my closet needs some serious attention..because I am still clearing up the crap after the NOLA trip.
I wasn't really pressed to do it because I am turning around and heading West ( Wagons Ho ! ..LMAO that phrase takes on a whole new meaning in todays world , doesn't it ? "
Some of the girl stuff is topped off and ready and I know where the bag I want to take is,....I think.
I need to get a hair appt , and jeans hemmed.

And so the brain is overloaded..sensory overload.

And to be honest , I am spending way the hell too much time playing " Dragons of Atlantis " on Facebook.
Damn you ever...Bastard !

So there I was this am, reading my poor neglected blogs reading list and there it was ..
This recipe.
The skies cleared...

I loves me some japs.
I loves me some cream cheese.
I loves me some chiggin .
We have a new-ish pretty grill !

Spank Mr. Linky for the recipe.

I have used a lot of Souffle Bombay's recipes in the past....SHE ROCKS .

Aunty Pol

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