Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I Can't Wait For The Coast !

OK..So I don 't do the best job in the world with photos..I know.
In 3 days , I will be on a plane headed for the Big Paloose ...aka Pullman...wheeeee.
Then Sistah, Double Oh and I will be headed to Oregon.
The bottom 2 pictures are of Bend Oregon, a really gorgeous place in the middle of the state.
Then we are headed for the coast as depicted in the top two pictures.
Since it's 100 friggan degrees without the heat index factor ,  can  you blame me ?          
I am so ready to go.....
I just hope I remember to leave reminder notes so that SU remembers to water the potted plants and the garden..
I know you will try honey, won 't you ?

Aunty Pol                                                       

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