Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lava Butte ~ 2012 ~

This is Lava Butte, south of Bend Oregon, and no..we DID NOT drive to the top. As it was, parts without guard rails scared the crap out of me on the way up On the way down , the mantra was " Hug the rock, pretty rock, hug the rock...pretty rock.
The lil dude is a yellow chipmunk. He and his running buddy were all over the parking lot, cuter than of course Sistah and I had to feed then a bit of a cracker.
Then we saw the sign.
" Please do not feed the chipmunks."

Hmmm...if no one saw, did it happen ?

Then near the visitors center , we saw the second sign :

" Human food is bad for you ."

Obviously, the US Park Service has an elevated belief in the literacy level of Alvin and the rest of the band.

Remember, if no one NEVER happened.

Google Lava Butte  for more information.
Class dismissed.

Aunty Pol.

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