Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talk LIke A Pirate Day ~ 2012 !

Yes, it's Aunty Pol's second favorite holiday, Bastille Day being the other .
It's " Talk Like A Pirate Day " !
So...Arrrrr..grab yer Captain Morgan's and have a tot of rum or 3.

The trip to the coast was wonderful. The PCH ( Pacific Coast Highway ) is amazing and for the most part has guard rails along the higher elevations. I say for the most part because to be honest , there were some areas that I had my eyes closed.
I have this thing with heights.
It's a mutual hatred.
Sistah has a love for the lighthouses along the coast so off we went.
It was really rather mind boggling to imagine the complete isolation of the lighthouse keepers and their families if they had one. They grew their own food, both crops and flocks and I was stunned to realize how hard it must have been for them to get anything to grown in that sort of wind and salt air, but evidently they did.
The most amazing bit about the lighthouses to me was the mechanics of it all, and I won't even pretend to understand the process...suffice to say.." Shiney " seemed to cover it pretty much.

Another interesting fact about the Oregon coast is that it appears that there is a thriving Classic Car Club or Society. Everywhere we went, Crater Lake, Florence, Depoe Bay, Newport , Bend name it they were all over the joint.
And not just for looks.
These cats were driving all over in them.
It gave Aunty Pol a case of the vapors I tell ya.

More to follow...


Your Captain,
Aunty Pol

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