Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To The Sistah Of My Heart !

Happy Birthday Sweetie !
I miss you , Double Oh, the kids , the folks, Buster, Molly, Shanaia ( sp) and CARLEE bunches.
Oh, I just am enamored of Carlee..yeah....Noodle Baby did it again.
I had such a good time, and I wish that we could do it more often , yet at the same time ,  because we can only do it every few years, it makes it that more special...yeah , I know that doesn't make sense but you know what I mean.
In other news...LMAO..
The job that the Crazy Cajun got with the brown short folk is part time but it is management and it does have medical insurance so huzzah. SU thinks it may very well work into full time.
He is also very proud of himself because he got all of the wallpaper in the kids bathroom removed and 2 coats of kilz up so Lordy , let the renovation begin.
We bought a new dishwasher that was delivered yesterday and that the Moron is going to help SU install....I trust yours made it too today as planned ?
The punishment phase from the kittehs was not as long as I expected, perhaps the fact that I give them more treaties than the Daddy does might be a factor in all of this .

Happy Birthday Sweetie..!!
BTW..You do know that it is National " I Can Has Cheezeburger Day " today too..right ?


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kleinwort said...

No, I didn't dear. Thanks for the heads up. Glad you had a terrific time, hope your sistah's BD is a blast, fingers crossed for the Crazy Cajun, yay for the renovations, whoohoo - dishwashers rock and, of course, forgiveness is in direct proportion to treats dispensed!