Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Book Series I Loved !

One of the things that I love about the Kindle is that it affords me the opportunity to expand my options.
I love Steampunk and ran across this series by Gail Carriger.
Vampires, Werewolves , a heroine without a soul ,  Victorian London, corsets and gadgetry that would make Jules Verne proud ?
Friggan jackpot !
The fun part about Steampunk is that when it is  done properly  , it will stay true to the era and at the same time expand the possibilities of all things magically and mechanically delicious.
The series was fact paced and engaging and while not as edgy as some of the other urban paranormal, I knew that after I finished the first one that I simply HAD to download the other 4.
I hope that the series continues and that Mr. Bezos sees fir to expand the genre's catalog.

Go check it out.
And..if anyone has other authors to recommend, other than the fact that I find zombies distasteful and downright icky..please comment if you can and share.

Aunty Pol

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Lisa Kleinwort said...

Squeeee! I LOVED the Parasol Protectorate! Fun fact – the cover of Soulless was molded by the owner of Clockwork Couture did the outfit in Felicity Day pic that you posted earlier.

Anyhoo… I only recently started reading Steampunk, so I'm not going to be a ton of help recommending in this genre. My first was a Meljean Brook short which I really liked. It was in an anthology that I picked up for piece by Nalini Singh, but got me interested.

I then read Brook’s Iron Duke which is sort of a cross between mystery, steampunk and a swashbuckling 70s bodice ripper (there’s one uncomfortable “you really want it” scene, which I could sorta pass on because of the characters’ backstories, but still made me cringe). Enjoyed it but not as much as the short. Decided I liked the genre. Caution, though – some zombies here, but not major ickiness. SBTB review: (which came out well after I read the book).

Next thing I tried was the Parasol Protectorate. Given your post, I need say no more. In between Parasol installments, I read another steampunk partially set in the mid-east and can’t find it on my Kindle to recommend it. I really need to use Libre or some other software to keep track. Grrrr…

Here's something that might help - Amazon has several lists. I’ve got this one bookmarked: There are also lists on steampunk romance. Sounds like you're well versed in the genre - start your own list! I'd read my Aunty's recommendations!

Steampunk on my Kindle to read (I tend to “buy ahead”) are Perdido Street Station by China Mieville, which I saw recommended in several places, and Flash Gold, a novella by Lindsay Buroker, which was free & looked good. Plan to get Clockwork Heart, The City and the City and The Native Star.

Non, steam punk, I recently enjoyed the Lady Julia Grey novels by Deanna Raybourn. Historical, mystery, slightly para-normal. Grabbed me from the opening line of the first novel, Silent in the Grave: “To say that I met Nicholas Brisbane over my husband’s dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor.”

Medieval - Roberta Gellis' Roselynde series.

In the popcorn for the brain category, I thought Singh’s Psy-Changling and Guild Hunter series were fun. Her writing gets stronger as she built the series. Psy-Changling was the first.

In the shifter genre, I liked Bitten by Kelley Armstrong even better. Kick ass heroine.

Just an aside, paranormal fic tends to have dominant/possessive males and, I’ve got to admit, I’m surprised I can put aside my general abhorrence for that “type” while reading them. Maybe it’s the settings/worlds that let me get past it.

Oh heck, I have to stop now. This is way too long. I’m sure you just wanted folks to recommend a couple authors!