Friday, October 03, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Well , since I can't go to Comic Con this weekend, ( relax dear, you know how  I am about crowds)..I thought I'd throw that card up there. Wah..not only is Bruce going to be there but also Christopher Judge from SG1 amongst is what it is.

I will console myself with RENFEST next weekend, even if I have to crawl there. Yes, I am still fighting this allergy sinus nose will fall off at some point and of course it is the weekend where it is the perfect fake your ass our weather wise..low 50's , going only to mid 80's.

IN SOUTH TEXAS Y'ALL..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kid you not.

It is what it is.

I haven't lost my mind with cooking or baking as of yet but that will come since the new issue of FOODNETWORK mag has quick breads as their featured " 50 Ways To Watch Your Ass Grow .." section. I pulled that bad boy out of the mag pdq and have it tucked away in my copy of the firm cookbook from 1991 .

Yep..we had a cookbook, which I still use..go firm.

I am by Gawd going to take a beverage out to the deck for at least a bit when I get home..I am tired of being cooped up or as much as one can be when you crash  completely at 8 pm..

Have a great weekend !

Aunty Pol