Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Small Wonders On The Way To Wellness...aka I Actually Broke Out The Swiffer This Weekend.

I got to feeling better this past weekend ( yes..that really is how we occasionally talk here in the South ) after nails and getting a facial so when he played golf on Sunday  , I actually broke out the swiffer thingy and dusted some of the shelves where the Pocket Dragons live. Nothing insane or death defying since it had been a while but good to semi tackle none the less.

If I have to crawl, I am going this Saturday. Yes, it is the opening weekend and something I generally avoid like the plague or balancing my checkbook , but this is a very special exception.

You see that good looking fella above ?

That my dears is Real Musgrave.

Quit acting like baby owls..."Who...who...who..". is Aunty Pol blathering on about now  ?

Set your wayback machine back about 40 years...or google Texas Renaissance Festival or Pocket Dragons. The hopeful results will show you Real's work in print and figurine. I went to Ren Fest for the  first time in 1984 or 1985..I've had sleep since then...and I fell in absolute undying love with his work. It was both whimsical and refined in a way that I hadn't seen before. Rather than being cartoonish which I have nothing against ( devoted Pinky and The Brain fan here ) , there is a grace and a gentleness to his work that drew me in. I had no idea that he also had figurines until I actually talked to him and found out that I could buy them easily.  I miss Ashley Avery...dammit !

I have never been a collector of anything except possibly bad Karma but I bought some of his prints and cards every time I went back to the Festival and before I knew it , I had a small stash .

Sadly, due to health issues , Real had to retire to the hill country with his wife but I continued to collect as much as I could. After I married hisself, I explained that this was one of the few things that I collected and so for birthday/anniversary/Christmas/the hell of it I received large and small pieces. I quit counting the figurines a long time ago and one of my most treasured Christmas gifts is the signed by Real  poster that Hisself found one year rolled up in a tube. he had it matted and professionally framed for me and it hangs proudly at the end of the hallway.

Hisself  gets e mail alerts from the Ren Fest since he buys tickets on line...and the Angels sang.

This year is the 40'th anniversary of the Festival and Real is going to be there hopefully signing the commemorative posters. Hell , I don't care if they are pre-signed . Bless his heart, he might not be actually able to do that much, so PG..I can 't promise a personalized one but I'm getting one for you as promised......nuff said.

For me , this is like meeting Janis Joplin.

Yeah, that huge.

The Unabashed Fan Girl,
Aunty Pol