Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh Dear....

It's gonna be one of those wretched, awful weeks.

The photo by the way is merely representational of Miss Ricie.

Yeah, my lil suicide blonde is going downhill fast.

When ever I see her, I think of the INXS song.

She is 16 and a half, with cataracts, dementia, and a host of health problems yet her heart lungs etc etc are fine.

Last Friday, Jere Lee and I sat out at the Ice House and I knew something was up . Privately I had been observing Ricie , for example when the gals are out and I am reading out on the  deck which is almost every night . Sometimes she will come out and do her thing and then get lost and confused because she can't see or hear if anyone is around. So Gracie and I get up and walk over and take her back in . Generally I sit with her and we chat. then when I see that she is comfy I go home.,more often than not , Gracie remains behind and they hang out. I could see that all was not well but I knew that her Mama was on top of it as she always is .

She's not eating and dehydrated so off to Dr. Tom she went. He has been her vet since her birth and Jere and he have discussed her progress. She has an appt this coming Saturday and it will probably be her last . Right now she is as comfy as she can be and as long as she is not in pain...yeah .

Bless the gals, they have been there for us as we went through this ourselves over the 11 1/2 years that we have been next door neighbors. We have babysat and done all the things one might do with a human child ...babysitting, picking up food /meds...hanging out ..Hell..the two that are left...Quintin and Ricie...they think that out back yard is theirs and it is...they hang out with Gracie and don't understand that she is not a dog, 

As they have done for us, we will be there for whatever they need.

AND this still sucks.

 A very sad Aunty Pol  .