Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Can the bloody weather make up it's mind ?


Perhaps not .

This is the most frustrating time of the year for me . All of the blogs that I follow and a veritable shit load of the pins that I see on Pinterest ( yes, guilty as charged. If you know my real name, you've seen my boards,l including the newest..Texts From Mittens..friggan hilarious.) are in the autumn mode. Which is my favorite season..but....




Nine Zero.

Oh my akin gump.

Kill me now .

Part of me wants to make Swiss Steak , Pot Roast, French Onion soup. You know, cooler weather, stick to your ribs and ass carb coma food.

The other part is " Oh F dat.." . Do you really want to heat up the house that much ?

Yet another part is freaked out that it is mid October already . I guess that since I was so sick for 2 weeks, the kind where you come home from work and crash for 2 hours if you make it to work at all that you lose all sense of time .

The right part of my brain screams order the Christmas cards from M.D Anderson Children's Art Project now ..a very cool deal by the way where the kids design the art for the cards and the proceeds go back to the Hospital to help them,...and the left side of my brain replies..Chill the f out already.

Guess which one is loudest.

Nor does it help that the new Kroger has beautiful petunias in pots on display in front of the store and I have empty pots...the weather is almost perfect so I am tempted ( hint honey...I fly ..) ...and plants are still blooming  and  we actually have till Rodeo/Mardi Gras before it gets wet and rainy..except we did have those days in the 30's in January...still tempted...

See...I'm neither fish nor fowl right now . The Casa needs tidivation since that fell to the wayside but we are  going to see Real tomorrow..and hisself has a 2 day tourney next weekend and I need to touch base with Southside so he doesn't act like a 12 year old girl again and I owe him a birthday lunch /meal...


I'll order the cards next week, get my skivies done this weekend...but tonight is deck time for me and Gracie because I have the  new Mercedes Lackey Valdemar book..

Yeah me.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol