Monday, July 17, 2006

It's a Monday Here Gang

I hads to laugh last night as SU and I watched the umpteenth remake of a movie...this time " King Kong." Now don't get me wrong, I am as much in favor of a good action flick as the next person...but the end of the 3 hour tour..oops film...I am going Woo Hoo...go Monkey go Monkey....heee heeee..driving SU right outta the room.

Mission accomplished.

Just heard they are proposing a re-make of " Cool Hand Luke."

That is just wrong peeps............WRONG ! WRONG ! WRONG ! WRONG !

Had the usual blah weekend. Pulled all of the Mexican Heather out of the beds, crowding my roses so we all know that I will be pulling that shit forever more. Annie has discovered the delights of chasing the water from the sprinkler. " Run , Zoom, somemore..oh wait..that is fun....wheeeeeeeeeee...look Momma....!!!!!!!!! What's that in your mug ? Coffee ? Um...what's that ? Face in mug....Bleech. Funny Kitteh.

SU and Moron and the usual co-horts played goof yesterday. That is not a typo btw...the way they play it at times....goof. At least SU has the common sense to limit the beer when the heat index is 105. Yeah for Gatoraide. Less could be said for the Moron. But that's his wifey poo's problem . Remember..Mrs. Moron is the rocket scientest who said that she was going to sue Woodrows..aka the office for putting a fire hydrant in their parking such an inconvenient place that she backs over it...fubaring her van thus denying her the pleasure of being part of the evac line on the freeway outta H town last summer with Katrina and such....I am not kidding here peeps. There is a reason I can her other half the Moron .

It's a Monday all right. Not that I had any particular high hopes for the's hotter than ...wait for it.........Satans Underoos for $200.00 Alex...and I l knows by the end of the day that I WILL have a migraine . I have taken the meds..but there are some days they don't work . Sigh..oh crap..sorry..need to send Brudder e mail...sigh.

Have a great day....really...try it.


Aunty Pol

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