Thursday, July 27, 2006

La Cage a Feline

Well gang...just when I thought it could not, nay would not get any weirder at the Casa............

Hee Hee

This past Saturday I was out on the patio ( it's only the Ice House at night when the lights are on...hope that clears THAT up ..) with " Annie" doing my usual chillin...SU and I have a couple of those funky ass canvas and metal framed chairs courrtesy of the neighbor gals....and Annie like to sleep in one like it's a hammock....on her back. There I was giving her head noogies and chin rubs when I look towards her feet...and OMG......She's a HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROTF ..I kid all y'all not.

There he was in all his glory........To say that I freaked out would be the understatement of the year. That's like saying Andrea Yates was just having a " bad day". I just was stunned. I didn't say anything to SU as he would really wonder about his wifey poo....and the following day had almost convinced myself that it was one of those really vivid dreams .

Monday after work, as per norm, he went out to feed " Annie ". He then picked her/him up and was holding her/him in his arms like a bebe...on his/her back. I prance out there and grab a lil footie and ask..." Honey..whazzat "? He almost dropped the cat. Having verified that I am not insane......we both realize that ANDY .

All of a sudden it dawn on us...the huge feet...the fearlessness with the NG's puppies.....the fact that the ladies of the Casa were curious and yet Loki hissed at him.......Wegotsababyitsaboy.

The larger issue is........WHY THE F DIDN'T PETSMART SEE THAT WHEN THEY HAD HIM/HER IN SURGERY LAST MONTH TO NEUTER ???????????????????????????

I'm serious people ! Why didn't the Vet notice ? It's true that at the time , Andy wasn't old enough to have visible evidence of said equipment....but really people....this is a bit much.

His Daddy is going to deal with them, because we still have to have him fixed.

If Momma goes in there, I am mad enough to strip paint off the walls. No...I won't cuss but I will verbally eviscerate them.

Count on it.

PS A Big Tejas Shout Out to you know who for the better title.

Have a good day.....really....go for it.


Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

yeah. personally, I would want my money back! and the next surgery.. do it gratis!but... do I want THIS yutz even touching my cat? hmmm. a vet can't tell the difference between a him and a her when they have it open on the table. oh... dear....OH I GET IT!!! an AGGIE!!