Friday, July 14, 2006

What in the Who ??????????????????????

I normally don't pay more than a second thinking about all of the weirdness that endears this city to my evil little brain....really..I don't.


I've been trying to get the little gray cells wrapped about the recent comments of Rev. Bill Lawson. I am sure that his daughter, Melanie ( I am NOT a Diva) Lawson is some where in town , clutching a double de-fat latte moaning " Oh dear Gawd ..Daddy just stop "

You see the normally articulate Reverend Lawson is exhibiting symptoms of a blow to the head in his remarks at Ken Lay's memorial service . Reverend Lawson compared Kenny Boy to ( in no particular order) ..

1. Dr. King

2. Jesus

3. JFK

4. James Byrd,Jr.

" They were vilified in life but became heroes in death " .

A direct quote.

WTF ????????????????????????????????

For those pondering the identity of James Byrd, Jr....

Mr . Byrd had the unfortunate condition of being black. Now before you all rear up at me ...let me finish...m'kay ?

Mr. Byrd was the man in Jasper , Texas who was abducted by three thugs, chained to the back of a pick up truck and dragged until his body parts were scattered. Apparently , the only thing about Mr. Byrd that offended the three " gentlemen" was the fact that he was black.

To compare the king of the Robber Barons to the victim of a lynching is beyond absurd . It is a slap in the face of humanity and added insult to the Byrd family.

Rarely have I ever been so nauseated .

Gonna be a long day kids.

Aunty Pol

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liberal army wife said...

y'all raise 'em strange down there in Texass, doncha.