Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh Jeebus H ....It's a Monday and then some

The very last friggan thing I personally need on a Monday is some yahoo photographer up here in my face setting up his Jimmy Olson cub reporter gear.....waiting for some of our " demure " attorneys to assemble for mug shots.


First of all.....people's a monday . Why in the name of all things sacred did you decide to do this on a Monday. Half you lot are busy borrowing my visine because you simply HAD to watch the world cup. LIKE YOU F'G Care.....Not ! This is for ad space that we probably paid for in Texas Lawyer . How modest of us . We cannot keep decent associate here ( I miss you Marlon ) and the staff attitude is...well....look up attitude...but we can waste time and money over this bullshit.............GAH . Oh shit....hee hee...Jimmy Olson is now giving directions that sound like the hokey pokey...this is insanely funny now..or the migraine meds are kicking in..your pick. Hee


Another week of rain..god I don't know if I can take much more. The SIL says that they need it up yonder when she lives and if I could I would send her some.....It's great for the yard...the hydra's love it and Annie is adjusting to being a flying Wallenda...for an out door Kitteh she certainly has become the " Feetsies Wet...Oh Hell No " kinda kitteh..LOL..

CAN WE GO HOME NAOW ?????????????????????????????????????????????

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