Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gawd , I hate it when I am right.

As predicted, the back went all kablooey on ol Pol here. If you have never been prone to back problems, count your blessings. Seriously ! I knew I should have not lifted those boxes, I knew it as I did it , but it was one of those things . Next stop....back spasms. The kind that make you sweat from the pain...Note to self..Lesson learned. It will get better through time, meds and me not being this stupid again.

On the lighter side, it appears that the beloved nephew and his family have bought themselves a condo.........wooo hoooo. I hope that is is wonderful for them and the cutest baby in the known universe . I also hope that they can post some photo's on their blog.

I read an article in todays WSJ about a 2 minute video on that is evidently an unsubtle jab at Big Al ( " I invented the Internet" ) Gore. Seems that the individual claiming credit is not some slacker with more time than carreer options. Oh no was created by DCI Groups, a beltway PR group that has among other clients, Exxon Mobile Corp.
A coinkydinky ?? Pol thinks not . Just goes to show you ...stuff can be traced to it's original source, so remember that when you give in to the impulse to flame some hapless tool that has just pissed you off.

Dear Lord, please send some rain...and I don't mean tropical storm Chris. My buddy Cons down in Bermuda says they aren't sure if they are gonna get the hit or not, but it appears to be heading towards the Gulf. Yeah, we are watching this after the events of a year ago. Guess it's time to review the old hurricane kit. And time to work on Andy not freaking out if he has to come inside....small joy.

Have whatever the hell kind of day you want to ....really.


Aunty Pol

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