Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Suprise Guest

Ahem....Aunty Pol has invited yours truely as her first guest blogger . Let's get the introductions under way. My name is Munchkin and I am the Queen of the Palace , though others might disagree. Recently, with my superior kitteh brain power I deduced that " Aunty Pol" is in fact the secret identity of my human staff member known as Mommy . Now, I have taken great pains and time to train my staff in all things serving Moi . I will not allow disloyalty, unless it it produces enough income to buy me more toys and treaties . It should be enough that I allow Mommy to share " my " bed. I certainly am generous enough to allow Mommy to clean the Palace and tend to my creature comforts . Why , Moi even allowed Mommy and that big fellah who answers to Daddy too bring in entertainment for me . After all , as the Queen, I should be allowed to torture..oops...educate my subjects as I see fit. The younger girls have made acceptible handmaidens and that male twerp ..Loki I think it is. Well, the poor dude obviously has had a blow to the head, what's wrong with him filling the position of Court Jester ? Problem solved. And don't get Moi started on the Palace Guard . Sargent Andy does a good job with the anti squirrel troops but I don't believe he is ready for promotion to inside the Palace just yet.

Now, consider yourselves blessed with the presence and beauty that is simply known as Moi , I have an appointment at the spa.

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liberal army wife said...

sweetie... a bit of advice. you need to remember, Loki and Andy are just silly little boys.