Friday, September 01, 2006

Not a total waste.....

It was one of those Fridays approaching a holiday weekend that I'd been predicting all week. GRRRR....some people are so set in their ways that you could phone it in.

I will point out also that in comparison, yesterday was worse . By 9 : 30 a.m. , I felt the need to go down the street to the local Randalls and get a buggy full of raw meat to fling about. Somebody pee'd in the collective karmic pool up here at the office . Almost every one was " Wah...wah...wah....but I don't want to work tomorrow " . Fine...schedule it off. Call in sick.....STFU for crissake . GET OVER IT . I would have liked it off to, but it wasn't gonna happen, and no ...I don't get to leave early . I am the last Mohican , working a full day. That is my job . Period .

Today the usual. People who come back from lunch bail at 2 . Standard behavior. " Buh Bye now...have a great weekend.

But the bright spot .


For the last two weeks, we have been doing a fund raiser thingy for the Houston SPCA . There are two huge ass boxes in the kitchen chock full of stuff. There was also a bake sale today ( Food People...Food in the for it ) . Our Intranet daily memo has been running photos of pets and their parents for the last two weeks . " Match the pet to the parent ." If you pick and want to change..costs a buck to do so. All in all I have heard we raised in cash alone either $500.00 or $700.00 . Not too shabby people..not to shabby at all .

I am going to focus on the good and forget the 'tude . That is until the next holiday, which is Turkey Day and Moi will be visiting the cutest baby girl in the known universe.

" Buh Bye Now.."


Gotta dig it.

Have a safe holiday...really...all y'all can do it .


Aunty Pol .


liberal army wife said...

great fundraiser! and did they match you with the correct kitty?

here goes the weekend. the usual crap at work, everyone left except a couple of paralegals and one second year lawyer who decided to work like crazy and make everyone nuts. I got lots of little things done, was soooo tired from watching the Agassi/Baghdatis match.
now cleaning out basement weekend. whoopie.

Boschka said...

LOL..Me....I was a dead giveaway with the photo of the trips. Final total was 785.00 plus the supplies.