Thursday, September 07, 2006

Frolicing with the Full Moon....

Within thirty minutes of getting into the office , trusty side kick " Kick " ( How original , I know ....STFU ) and I began to notice that we were in the midst of what we call " Flying Monkeys ." Aka ...the chimp squad from the WOZ . It's a certain emotional level that is akin to Peter Finch's brilliant speech in " Network " . People who are normally civil ( or what passes for here at the office ) were surley, short's my normal crew . The peeps I refer to are those who are usually somewhat under the proverbial radar . I know it's a short week with the holiday and all, but this is a problem again...why ????? I was agog that some of the placid posse were exhibiting what could almost be classified as personalities . I kid you not. Spines were grown , cats danced with dogs, SU re-grew get the idea . Then I began to notice that the placids now with spines began to just flat out act stupid. They began to panic . " If so and such comes in will you let me know ? " DUH ! Some got the look, some got the benefit of the doubt , ( hey...I CAN be nice, I got a great new hair cut..razor cut even) and the rest got ingnored . Ignored/ for me . And on it went. " I need to get this to the IRS !" Reply " Snookims , it's 4: 19 , and they close at 4 : 30 . Unless you can sprout wings or a scud missle out of your ass fergitit . Hint....try getting it to me in a reasonable manner next time. " Then of course Snookims is all...buh buh attorney....." . Me : " You may feel free to quote my answer to you back to them , verbatim ." Nothing like working here with a full moon.
Snookims and Friends forget that I have been doing this since the Punnic Wars and By Gawd, I do know WTF I am doing. Nothing chaps my ass faster ( and if the ass gets any bigger , it gets it's own zip code ) that for Snookims and Friends to act as if I don't know my job or are unable to do it . Unlike others, I show the hell up. YOU know who you are .

SU is playing cards tonight, thank you Jeebus and I have a date with Andy and a highball.

Can't wait for the bitching that will ensue when Snookims and Friends realize it's a full work week . I shall take great personal delight in reminding them that there are a lot of others out there who would love to have a job. Don't think I won' t do it either .

Rant Over .

Take Care,


Aunty Pol .


liberal army wife said...

aren't they just such fun... the little twinkies (creme filling between the ears)chap my ass too. got one at the temp job, she's a real piece of work. attitude, but can't do diddly squat. spends her day on the computer reading whatever, then is asked to please do some work and gives you a real pained look. dumb, oh yeah. but she's the smokin' bud of the Sr LA....

Her atty isn't real happy, but hey...


Boschka said...

Werd Mah Sistah.