Friday, September 29, 2006

The Further Adventures of Sgt. Andy

Todays guest poster is Sgt. Andy of the Patio Police . Take it away Andy.

" Ahem, cough..This is Sgt. Andy just in from patio patrol. All appears quiet after last nights shift. I did gain admission to the Palace for a brief stay and was again offered what the Queen's staff refer to as Bovine Wine . It was delicious . I did not gain an audience with the queen and only spotted some of the retainers on her staff. Apparently they have some security issues that they are reviewing and therefore do not have the time to schedule a proper audience . It is much the same for me on patio patrol , especially with the recent sightings of the terrorist group known as the Tree Rats. Recent intelligence reports indicate that the Tree Rats have had a successful recruiting drive and my own shifts may double in order to maintain the palace security . Negotiations with the Canine Commandos continue for their added support against further incursions from the Tree Rats . I happen to know that the Queens human retainers are not above offering bribes so that may induce the canines to cooperate .

Hopefully my application for a promotion to internal palace guard is still under consideration.
I understand that the review process is quite involved and there is some question as to my qualifications . I feel that I have gained one of the human attendents support. The one referred to as " Daddy " seems more pliable than the other human attendent. The female attendent known as " Mommy " may prove problematic and she has quite the reputation as far as having the human trait of what they refer to as stubbornness . I am a rather patient fellow , so I shall continue on and hope for the best.

Well, my shift on patrol is just about over, so I guess it's time to head to the Barracks. alert . Tree Rats are everywhere .

Sgt. Andy
Patio Patrol Unit # 1.

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