Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Dibs and Dabs

Well thus far it has been a good day. BN and wife sent recent photos of the cutest child on the planet, and I have been grinning all day . Ah....the mighty power of an infant . I would be the first one to tell you that I am completely prejudiced, and that only her Nana and my Brother could top me....but honest to God, she is the Gerber baby. Ask any of my gal pals here in the office...yes..the bug's mug made it all the way around. I can't wait till Turkey time to get to actually see said wonder of the world. Hopefully SU will be able to get the time off, but one way of the other Aunty Pols got a road trip. True, the back will be ouchy after the drive, but it is all worth it. Hisself will mutter about the cold as he always does, and I will fuss at him ( yes dear, I know you are reading this...and you will behave in front of the kids or so help me.....I know where the golf clubs are ) . I haven't seen the nephew since my Grandfather's funeral so it will be a suprise to see him all grown . He's a good guy , his parents did a good job raising him. I will also get to meet his wife which is cool. You know you are getting older when the nephews are married and all their friends refer to you as M'am . Bit of a let down that, but it comes with the turf . Also explains all the little aches and pains that creep up . Heh...middle freakin age. The weird part is that I am actually enjoying parts of it. Like the part where you realize that so much of what used to bug the krep out of you are just drek. Or when the younger set start the " I know it all" and you can simply look them in the eye and go " Oh Jeebus, I have shoes older than you..give me a break." Or that you hope to high hell you weren't as arrogant , and are chagrined to realize you most likely were. Yeah parents o'mine....I CAN hear you laughing.
As long as the Bug doesn't think of me or remember me like I remember my Great Aunt Elna...( Shudder) , all will be right in Pols world.

On the home front...The king of the patio is a happy lil camper . His daddy built him a real scratching post which he will hopefully prefer to the furniture . I am a tad curious as to why we had the rope in the garage, but what evs. He has his set pattern, he knows when we are due to come home and is not above voicing his displeasure when we are late. He seems to get along with the NG's puppies, and the birds are an endless source of fascination. Fortunately his tags on his collar make enough noise that they can vamoose . He has his perimeter, and the neighbors report that he does not all is good. Poor babydude is a bit hot being an outside kitteh, so I have a fan on for him for a bit, and he's become accustomed to to ice cubes in his bowl . Little kitten coctails.....I'm not kidding...LOL .

SU has passed the probationary period and is now a full time employee . He was confident of this and I was too..but Pol has seen both sides . Now we get to sort out ppo vs hmo and all of that crap. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee. We went to a gathering at one of SU's co-workers , a send off for a couple of co-workers that are moving on. One young pup is going to the HPD Academy and the other is going to go work with her BF/Fiancee/Whatevs. Nice gal . I had heard all about these co-horts of SU's for ages, and they are very nice , down to earth regular folks. They call him " Pop " which is hysterical, but then again he is one of the oldest there . I think it's rather like my office, if I don't give you a nickname..I don't like you . I'm funny that way.

Please Lord....some rain ??????

Have a great day...really...I dare ya .


Aunty Pol


DIL said...

We cant wait to have you guys out. I sure hope you arent planning on a turkey for turkey day. Cause the last one I cooked was a diaster. Now I do know how to cook but the turkey thing well I need to leave that to the experts and I only know 1 my stepdad. He can cook one of them bad boys. But we are excited about ya'll comming down. Talk to you soon

Boschka said...

LOL...sweetie...we don't really do a traditional thingy..I was thinking that Unca G could do beer butt chiggin on the grill. He was a cook in the navy for 15 years..and I am pretty good too. We can't wait to get out there to see all y'all.

Love you all Bunchs....