Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tick Tock The Vacation Clock is On BABY

Well, almost every thing is done for the trip . Got SU some gloves last night after realizing that the only ones he has are golf gloves.


Funny things. SU being the picky shit that he is ( yes you are dear...everyone knows it and loves you in spite of this) hates the bulky fabric ones, the two tone leather ones were just fugly..bleech . I splurged and got him a nice pair of leather ones. I realized at some point today that this once again is me being a product of my parents and they way they did things. My father for example was the sort of man that thought every one should have certain things in life.

For Example:

1. Well polished shoes.

2. A decent overcoat

3. A decent pair of gloves.

I am certain that he got this from his parents . Even tho my paternal grandparents divorced when I was about the Bugs age, they were very much a product of their generation. You did things a certain way. Appearence and proper decorum were required...not as a special thing, but as an everyday way of living one's life. SU says that I sometimes am a tad intolerant of things and he is right. LOL...he doesn't realize that I have in fact mellowed out quite a bit since my callow youth . And picking out gloves last night reminded me of my connection to my father and the lessons I absorbed rather than learned. SU and my late father had many common traits. Among them was a fondness for hats. Daddy favored a Homberg or his Beret if he was feeling dashing and sassy. And yes, he could be that at times..you just had to really know him to know when he was gearing up for a full Bogart. SU on the other hand usually has a baseball cap on..habit and precaution since the lad is damn near bald on top. The other hats he favors are fedoras and straw Panamas's ala Leon Redbone . Other than my father , SU is the only man I have ever known who bought a hat in an old fashioned haberdashery. The definition is a tad more broad according to Websters...but you get the idea. The store was called Dobbs and it was a downtown land mark of a sorts. You could get a hat fitted, re-furbished or cleaned. Those days and those stores are gone . Yes..you can get a cowboy hat still..this is Texas after all, but you'd be suprised at how many men don't wear them down here. SU does not wear one . Back when that silly ass movie came out and every one wanted to by Gawd go to Gillys, every one wanted one of those fuggly ass straw cowboy hats. And they all thought you had to keep them pristine. I knew a rancher years ago ..actually my ex-father in law , and yes he and my late mother in law had a ranch in Pendleton , Oregon......anyhoo...said that a real cowboys hat was dirty and dusty and the sweatband on the inside was stained for a reason. It was called work. So SU got his gloves and yes..a black fedora. His old one was too small. And he knows the value of a good hat .

Dad would be proud.

Have a great evening.

Ciao ,

Aunty Pol


liberal army wife said...

your dad and his fedora. We have a great pic of him, husband and kiddo in Germany. Dad in the hat,dashing. Himself wears, at the times he isn't in army hat, an aussie, me I'm in a ball cap usually.

hope you got some long johns!

Boschka said...

Ohh krep..can you send a copy of that ? I would love it . Love the Aussie hat thing. LOL..I don't do hats a lot..f's the hair. I got me some long johns..I am set babe

Like the new Template..I think it's pretty
Love ya