Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

After listening to the SU obsess ( yes you dear..!) about my lack of gumption over the upcoming trip..I finally got off the old duff and booked the rooms. Pre paid no less . Wheeeee.

The babysitter is all set , yes the old Bat next door with back up from the neighbor gals. I think it is time for me to get over being so cross with her, she really was trying to do a good thing. She's familiar with the cats, Andy loves her to pieces and she is a good sitter. This weeks plans are:

1 . Voting

Yeah...the early voting place is open till 7 p.m. adn tho reports say Gov. hair gel has a good lead..well , we do what we can . And yes...I am voting for Kinkly Friedman .

2. Dragging out the DOP kits to see what has to be re-stocked. I always swear that I am going to keep up with that , but for us to be able to travel is a rare thing and usually by the time I get back I am so dragging ass that all I want to do is unpack and find clean skivvies.

3. Looking at what sweaters and such I have. I doubt I will be in something other than jeans, but I will take one pair of nice twill just in case and a pair of dockers for hisself. Beloved Sister in Law..aka LAW just reminded me I'd better get a set of boots with tread so Aunty Pol don't bust her ass. Haven't missed that bit since I moved here . At least the lambskin coat is heavy . Better check on the sweat clothes too...yeah..not glam but effective..and I am middle aged...LMAO

Sounds like the plan is coming together..

Have a great week...really can do it.


Aunty Pol

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