Wednesday, October 11, 2006

When in danger ~ when in doubt ~ run in circles ~ scream and shout.


Well kids....the proverial fit hit the shan today at the office .

This past Monday , the dark Lords of the Underworld decided that since we actually have a calender feature in the software ~ ~ why not be bold and use it ?

Simple enough sez Ol Pol.

Oh No...let the lamentations begin !

It's simple enough. You open the folder, check on the actual availibility of a room and e mail me. I book it and reply with the confirmation . I can load the pre-existing bookings and you get to see the over view.


Oh dear.

That violates the firms 12 'th and 13'th commandment .

12 . Thou shall not be required to go further than 20 feet out of your comfort zone or standard flight plan.

13. Any and all changes are created and implimented with the sole purpose of personally making your life harder, and thus pissing you off.

I have never met such a group of people more resistant to change. The crowd that stormed the Bastille was a more civil group. You would have thought that they were going to be required to have a retinal scan to get in the inner offices. Now , that would be fun.

I have never ever met a lazier bunch of cows in my life. They get all bent out of shape when I won't do their jobs for them and tell them so. The laziness is bad enough but when you couple that with the attitude of put outidness that they are not being indulged.....BAH !

Tough Darts Sistah .

They will take the simplest thing and turn it into WW3...all for the sake of arguement.

And they wonder why I don't care to have anything to do with them after hours or outside of the office.

If I have to hang with a bunch of Bizotches , they will at least have a sense of humor and an active brain stem.

And Ladies...they ain't you . makes people nervous.


AUnty Pol

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