Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Friday Peeps

The rain has stopped which is good because a couple of the creeks are dangerously close to flood stage according to the news wonks on the t slant v this morning. Over all Andy did fairly well in the house all day. If he had an accident somewhere..we couldn't find it..and yeah howdy...SU and I looked. I have this little cheer running in my head for the lad....

Andy Andy
It's Okay
Use The Box
Just Once Today

Andy Andy
Be The Man
Use The Box
Oh Yes, He Can

There's No Danger
There's No Doubt
One Hop In
And One Hop Out

Okay...I am officially's fairly clear that when you begin to compose verse over the litterbox and a kitteh's aversion to it that I've Lost It.

Other than the usual list of suspects making me nuts at the office, it's been a routine week. Andy terrorized Loki to the point that Loki was under the sofa . Now Loki is a goober...think Jethro Beaudine here folks..........and I am sure that he just wants to play....but Andy is under the impression that he is alpha male and not Loki. They would both be wrong. If there is any alpha in the house it's the Momma . Period. No debate. They think they can win....

Heh Heh

Have they met me ?

Have a great weekend .

I hope Susan gets news soon.


Aunty Pol


Susan said...

Your pets slay me. That's a riot. How old is the unlittertrained one? LOL Still no news, but hopefully soon. They keep adding more and more dates every day.

Boschka said...

Andy was aprox 4 months old when G rescued him om Mother's day weekend so I suspect that he's about 8 months old now . He's a sweetie but I may shoot him if he continues to climb the curtains. They were cheapie twill from JC Penny's..but still.....