Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm gonna VENT..............Deal

I work for lawyers and I have been there for going into 25 years.

I am am part of a department of three people.

I co-ordinate a lot of stuff..courthouse filings....courier services .

Plus dealing with clients.

I LIKE my job .

It's show time .

I also work with two women who take off at the drop of a hat as we say down here.

Senority at my firm means nothing.

I have taken two days out of the office............huzzah.........before the other heifers put in for them.

One gal spent eight weeks taking off a half day on Thursday and al day on the next day.

A Friday.

How long does it take to move your gear ?

The other one..well lets just say..if there is a sports game she is not look for her the next day.

I have had to fight for every partial or full day I get off.

I promised the Hubbo I wold just veg today.

I see laundry....I see stuff to be done.

But he is right.

The Moving in with boyfriend was a tad verklepmt that I put in and got approved to take the week of Thanksgoving off.

I told them both when G got his job, we were going to see the baby.

Do Not Mess With Me here .

I am fighting to stop myself from being Shadout Mapes ( Dune Ref) .

And I am angry that I am in this position.

I am soul weary of having to fight to get a day off after 25 years at the firm.

I am soul weary of no one noticing.



Susan said...

There is always one person that never seems to get any time off. It's because they honestly just expect that you'll be there for them. How dare you think of taking time for yourself! Don't let them get away with it. Well, you know. I'm glad you are taking some time for you.

liberal army wife said...

at this point, dear, you march into Sr. Partner and make it really clear that you will not tolerate this anymore. you have seniority. they know you keep their butts in line....ok?

Lordie, do I LOVE temping at lawyers.... they can't say squat. I can find a job wherever, and they know it.ha ha.