Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let The Holiday Hoo Hah Begin For 2007

I for one am glad that for all intents and purposes that Halloweird is almost over. Jeebus H...The last few years, the building I work in and my office in particular have just veered closer to batshit every year. Don't get me wrong, Halloween is fine if you have kidlets , and I have visions of my great niece just being too cute for words in a costume, they are that way at her advanced age of 20 months or so. So cute , it makes your eyes bleed. That is fine....but as for the rest of it...pffft. The day after Labor Day, the stores have all of their krep out clogging the aisles, tho I swear it seems earlier every year. At some point the krep will just be out all year long. But I promise you, if I see one more celebutant with her ass or clamato hanging in the breeze, one more faux Hollywood dress up party to " raise awareness for Breast Cancer" , I will puke. Product placed endorsements to give for the charity, ads showing picture perfect white chicks and or fashionista's begging you to wear pink.....GAH ! Where are all the other women ? The Latina/Asian/Black sisters..the middle aged, the , low income who have no bloody insurance represented ? The gays, the bi's and all the other women who don't pass the realistic standards set by those like Richard Avedon ? Where ? It is also " National Domestic Violence Awareness " month..did you know that ? Did Ya ? Oops..those photo ops aren't as pretty as the ones begging us to wear pink, what was I thinking ? Yes I donated to Susan G Koman, through a silent bakery sale at the office and through their web site. Did I make a difference...hope so. Did I feel better..yeah for a nano second...did I pray that I will never be among their statistics...every damned day..every damned day.

Charity is something we should do freely without being forced or coerced. It should take more than a ribbon, and more than a month.

Think about it...really..please do.


Aunty Pol.

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Susan said...

You said it, hon!