Sunday, November 11, 2007

All In All ~ Good Weekend

Pretty boring work week , other than a noob from South Africa said F dis after 13 working days with a certain group..LOL. We are starting a pool on the next are not being would have to know the details to get it.

I have gotten used to the fact that Hisself works a half day on Saturday at this point. I have worked it out that when he is playing Golf on Sunday, every Sunday, that I do the set of chores that make the rest of the week when we are actually home together more livable. Yes , he will help when I ask, no biggie there, but he works his ass off and so I try to get stuff done when he is gone. Every Sunday , after paper, coffee and the taped previous nights " Torchwood " ( I love me some Capt Jack..hee ) , I start the left over laundry from the day before, mop the kitchen and the kids bathroom, wash their rugs, hoover, dust, clean mirrors and counter tops in both bathrooms and now have it down to about 2 hrs. With the time change, I no longer can get into the yard during the week, so the garden /yard has to be tended on Saturdays, half day when it's nail Saturday , or a full day. There is no other way. Tonight we had the neighbor gals over for dinner, we try to do this at least once a month, but with all of the rain we had this spring/summer it was a no go , so we're really enjoying that. Hisself was watching the " Next Iron Chef " while I tried to nap, but I have screwed up my right shoulder blade again , so all I could do is rest..which was up , watched the marathon while he finished dinner and then we all watched the end. One of the final two was from Nola..he lost..but we had a good time...stuffed to the gills as usual . So my favorite Veteran got to golf, cook, and enjoy hisself. We are happy with that , he doesn't talk a lot about it, except with my late father or some others we is enough for us.

We sorta or I should say , I sorta have a new cat. She showed up and was in fact the raccoon Hisself thought he saw, easy enough mistake in the dark since she is a Maine Coon, looks just like TJ did..oye the guilt . Anyhoo..the cat , we determined at dinner may belong to the new neighbors across the street. Very sweet, semi rabies tag tho. She and Andy seem to get along , and yes, I have laid out extra food. God forbid a cat starve around us..but she ..and yes's a girl is not coming inside. My Bad..I kinda....sorta...named her.....Gracie.

Oh well. Andy Panda Pants has a playmate....sigh.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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