Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Review

LOL..sorry, couldn't think of a more pithy title. It's been raining all day which is cool, we needed it . Hisself got rained out of golf today which weirdly enough is fine. He is working every Saturday for a half day and so I say feel free to the golf on Sunday. But this means that he doesn't get a chance to sleep in , which may be the reason he got sick recently. We both work more than a 40 hr week and then with the rest of real life we tend to fight the burnout. Compound that with the rampant ragweed...sneeze, cough ...ack ack ack .

I'm kind of looking foraward to this holiday, don't faint here guys ..ok. Yes, we are going to his family, which after all these years is fine. My parents are gone so it's nice to be a part of that ..even if we have to put up with football ad nauseum..We are both off this Friday and are going to Ren Fest with friends, I want to go see the glass blowing thingy..I think that sort of thing is soooo cool..and I love the falconer and the magician. Since I believe it is the last weekend for it , I may be able to score some real deals on things..I don't have any sort of expectations but will never pass up a good deal either.

Talked to the family, got a lovely e mail from step-mama, she is doing well and going to spend the holiday with her youngest daughter , so I am glad that she is fine. One of these years I'd like to be able to go out there so we can spend a holiday with her, she's a great gal and I do love her a lot. Kitteh's are all fine..even " No M'am", yeah..I suspect I have a new outdoor kitteh..oh well..anyone who knows us is not suprised....

Have a great week and a wonderful Holiday...we all deserve it.


Aunty Pol

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