Saturday, October 06, 2007

This Has Gotten Old !

Between hisself and yours truely, we have spent the better part of the last 10 days sick. We sound as if we have escaped from a TB ward and are on the run.

This shite is old.

I have always been able to just look at him and tell if he is coming down with something. The eyes , the voice , the look...I am 99.9 % accurate within a 24 hour window. This by the way sucks and is in no way, shape or form something I brag about. It just is. Ordinarily, he hates soup..won't have it..runs from it. When he is sick..the complete opposite. He has to have his chicken soup with a healthy shot or 3 of tabasco and club crackers. I keep it well stocked in the larder.

In his work, he no longer grinds plaster or metal, but it is there at the job site, in the air and it can and does irritate nasal passages...yes does. I've suggested wearing a mask, which he won't and I don't nag about this...he is a grown man and I am not his Momma , thank you very much. This latest bout started as a scratchy throat, and some congestion.



This will pass.


Head congestion did what it usually does, it drained into his chest. Before this happened, he had in fact tried every sinus, decongestant claritan sudafed tablet that we , not all at once...he's goofy..not stupid.

Results ?




So there he is , poor thing, now with the wretched cough that you just can't get under. The hacking, rib bruising , cuts off air exausting sort.

We tried Mucinex and initially it helped..then quit .

It dawns on us because we have been down this road before that he has walking pneumonia so he will be going to the Doctor on Monday. For anyone who knows him..yeah...he's that sick.

Me ?

F'g Ragweed.

The count has been off the charts this week , so I also have the hacking cough . It was bad enough that yesterday at the hairdressers when it hit with particular force, poor thing, I literally scared her half to death . She was about to 911 me when I finally stopped. Hence hi lites took twice as long to do. It was however, way over due and completely worth it.

Mine will get better.

I will eventually get some rest , but right now it's hands full with taking care of him, house , cats, yard, work.

I am sooooo tired.


Aunty Pol


Susan said...

I hope the two of you are better soon.

Aunty Pol said...

Thank you Susan. I just re-read the post and an chagrined that is came off as so self absorbed and whiney..I guess it was just one of those " Post on blog or cry."

Hugs to you, Glenn and the babies