Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and that we all remember what this weekend is all about. As the wife and daughter of a veteran, I do try to remember and take a moment to throw up a small prayer for all those who are serving or who have served.It is because of them that we all have the freedom to enjoy a weekend holiday and they cannot be overlooked or forgotten. My husband and I may not support this war, but we completely support the troops and their families .


Sgt. Andy Pandapants has a bit of a medical issue right now. Last week, we noticed that he was limping a bit on his back right leg. Being an outdoor boy, he is prone to popping over the back fence and generally zooming about the yard on his patrol. In the year that we've had him ( can you BELIEVE it's been a year ?)...he's amazed us with his level of energy. While he was favoring the leg in question, SU and I determined that it wasn't broken, no open wound and only a modicum of swelling. He let his Daddy completely examine the leg and only pitched a teensy fit when his Daddy looked at the claw and pad area ..but no big hissy. So we watched it. He was able to get to his nightly Mr. Milkey and gimp around. But as the week progressed, he never got any better, so we both began to wonder if it was more than a sprain. My private fear was that there might be a sliver or something we couldn't see which could become infected. I told SU that bright and early yesterday morning that he was in fact going to throw the boy in the PTU ( prisoner transport unit ) and haul him to the VET. Did I want a vet bill..oh hell no..but better that than a worse problem later because we dropped the ball. A hundred dollars later..( yipe) the verdict was that there was some sort of inflamation of an unknown origin, an auto immune response and that this could be in response to his underlying medical issue. OR the beginning of a flare up. Oh great . Just friggan great. Jakey J had the same issue, common to Marmy's and yet Jake lived 12 years before the tumor, so I am concerned. Andy is only about a year and a half old. The vet gave us 2 oral meds and a pill..great..pillin dah kat time..oh shite. To get him to take his orals , we have to employ the baby burrito method and it's a 2 person job. I hope the Vet is wrong..say a prayer.

He's better today, and outside,. it's raining in fact and we've been calling..hrrmmp.....he'll saunter back, bedraggled and soaked.

Oh well.

SU went to the crawfish gig thrown by the Crazy Cajun and fambly yesterday. I'd intended to go but had another gum flareup that needed tending. On the mend with that..suffuce to's a whole other issue when dentures are involved. SU had a ball , and brought home 3 1/2 lbs of mudbugs so it's Etoiffe ( sp...whatevs) tonight for us and the neighbor gals.

Have a safe holiday and a great week....


Aunty Pol

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