Monday, June 11, 2007

Dibs and Dabs ~ LOL

Well kids, it was an interesting weekend. Friday morning I trot out to the kitchen , headed to the car when I see that SU has taken the coffee pot completely apart. Completely apart. My fancy ass brew monkey cannot handle the minerals we have here..thank you Houston. In all fairness , neither one of us has been good on the cycle vinegar through it gets all cranky and pissy and slow. Great.....he says he can fix it which means I will no longer be able to sneak an extra 20 minutes ZZZZ in the A of M. .....Sh*t....that sucks.


Friday continues...............

The day from hell..long story , new group of did not make a typo . The guy is a super nice is his staff....I can say no more..kill me now. Clients every 15 minutes...I am NOT making this up.

Time to go home....sweet last.

SU got a gift card to Chrome Depot from his boss for his birthday and Moi being Moi sez " I can always use some more hydrangeas ....and new leather Note to self..Hey might not be the optimum color choice for prunning the rose cane colors...ya think ??

Saturday Morning.

As usual he worked which is fine, we have come to expect that and the overtime helps a lot. I woke up at 7 a.m...I don't know why ..sheesh..maybe it was the swim meet at the subdivision pool kitty corner from us.,....maybe the bull horn...maybe the kids going berserker mode kitteh when they are woken up from what ever passes for a cats deep REM state. Insert " Losing My Religion " melody's stuck in your head too , isn't it ??

I haul the arse out to the kitchen...Mr. Krups you are my hero . I didn't know my brew buddy was high dollah as we say here till I saw it in a show on the one with Roger...the one where the cost of the renovation is more than I make in a year..yeah..that one. Off to the by the way is already in the 90's here friggan June people. Water, prune, ( neighbor gal # 1 ) -can I I borrow your miracle grow feeder..mine' s kersplat. Kewl..Thanks. Prune..water..feed...Krap. Oscillating sprinkler kaput. Oh NG on the other side ..yup..can I borrow dat ? Kewl...Work, sweat..more of each..go in. Aw hell..too hot now..start house work inside....lalalal.."

He had gone off with the Crazy Cajun and the Mrs to see a local community theater production, which I pass on. I honestly had a couple of things planned and some phone calls to make, getting caught up with the gal pals on the other coast. Plus, I'd begun cleaning the front part of the house..really cleaning....door lintels, hanging art...hoovering the crumbs from where Andy has to eat his special treaties...he likes those hard whisker lickings fish shaped things so we break them up and make a mound on the carpet..with his 1/4 tab pill buried . I don't think he knows he just snarfed up a pill ..bright boy that . Record a cpl hrs from the history to bed..dead stone worn out . Then up the next day to finish Bedrooms..I get clinically insane a this point..lets clean all of the Mardi Gras masks we've collected that are hanging up on the bedroom walls. No..they are not the cheap shit..we carefully chose them , each and every one..many are very unique and not cheap from NOLA . Then...lets clean the rest of the hanging art..especially the large pictures we bought from Huanna Glass , a local artist. By the time I am house is all but staged...clean enough to satisfy my parents...and I am beat. I l ike doing it but get carried way too far off the deep end...clean all inside windows...check...wash all the drapes except the new chenille ones...check...hoover furniture...check....find tylenol...check....

Next weekend promises more of the same..get the PTU out for the boys 9 a.m. vet visit /follow up. SU is playing golf..I will be cleaning carpets and or back in the garden.

On the up side..Dr. appt tomorrow for new glasses..I am soooo hopefully hair before the wing ding...oh you know you will hear about patient.

Take care .


Aunty Pol

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Susan said...

we found that one of those Brita water pitchers witht he filter thingy works great in keeping ye olde coffee maker happy. Run your water through that before you put it in. Totally takes out all the crap that clogs it. We never even had to do the vinegar clean after that.