Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another Angel

Once again , I am strengthened by the group of people that I work with . We have often referred to ourselves as a " family" and while that might seem trite, there are times such as now that I know the truth of that simple declaration .

One of the dearest, nicest, kindest of gentleman lost his 22 month old grandson last night to Leukemia . Malachi was a sweet little guy and the apple of his Grandpa's eye, but between the last treatment and the infections he developed with a compromised immune system, it just wore him down . One of the hardest hit outside of the immediate family is another co-worker who's son has just gone through I believe 3 1/2 years of treatment. Missy will forgive me if the math is off . We had all followed Nicky's journey and were about to celebrate this victory tomorrow. Missy knowing this was the first to suggest that we postpone the do-dah out of respect and the managing partner suggested that we send all of the food to Malachi's family that we were going to have brought in.

There are days I simply detest my job, I debate the merits of it all...but for the most part it is because of the caliber of people I work with at this law firm that I come in every day with a smile..faked or not. Don't start..we all have those days.

In thinking of Malachi, I think of the Bug and her parents and grandparents and how much they adore her . She is younger than Malachi was and she is their world, and to a degree mine and the SU's. And I'm only her Granty. And I adore her.

If you have a grandbaby or a child..hug them extra tight. Hug your loved ones at home and away in any way you can. life is just too damn'd short to let even one day slip by.

Blessed Be,

Aunty Pol


Susan said...

Oh hon, I'm in tears. Please send my thoughts and prayers along.

Aunty Pol said...

Oh Susan , I surely will. We have all been crying at the office all day here , it's just sooo sad. I lost it when I saw a new picture of the Bug on her blog..I just lost it.