Monday, May 07, 2007

I am officially OLD

This may or may not be a big thing to many, but this past Friday I hit a milestone of sorts here at the Firm .



Crap, I am old. In the good old days, people didn't job hop like frogs on hot pavement in August in Texas. You stayed where you were. My father retired out of the Navy in 1976 after 25 years simply due to the erosion of his benefits as he saw it. His idea of retirement was to enter into another job and go on from there. He was also about 6 years younger than I am now, so this only adds to the deep sigh of impending senility.

In the legal field, a term of service for an non attorney person this long is rather unusual , but here most of us have been here at least 15 years of more. Dedicated or lazy , I don't know but we are still here pluggin away . For the most part we have all really grown up together, been married , divorced, re-married, had kids gotten them hopefully out of high school in one piece and into some college..married....grandkids....sigh.

If I am old , I am not the only one.


I still know where the bodies are buried.

Have a great week...


Aunty Pol.


Susan said...

Congrats! I think more people should stay loyal to a company.

Aunty Pol said...

Thank you Susan. Working for attorneys has it's ins and outs and while my experience may differ from others...there are times when yes, I do want to shoot them, but other times for example when my father died, the warmth and support was genuine . Everyone has good days and the bad days at work. It was more the fact that I have been here over half of my life..LMAO.

Oh and..good luck with the teenager...yipes.