Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I really hadn't realized that it's been about 6 weeks since I last posted anything save the lil post on Superman ~ " Baroo ??????" . Baroo by the way is the small sound a puppy makes when they tilt their itty bitty heads sideways as if asking " WTF ? " , at least according the the folks over at " Cute Overload ." Since CO has won a Webby award or 2 , I take them at their expert word .


Earlier this year SU and I began yet another re-do of the house . This time it started with new furniture which we sorely needed . Long ago and far away , young Jedi...oops..wrong movie..LOL
SU spotted an ad for a sale at the local favorite big box corner anchor of the mall store and off we went. I came, I saw, they delivered. It always surprises him that when I am focused that I can zero in on what is right and more often the right price. I am a Commando Shopper and I have my standards, dammit.

And thus it began . New furniture, new drapes, new rugs, new lamps, new art .....and then the sudden crashing realization that OMG..we really need to re-paint. Shudder. Bear in mind that we'd been through this before and swore that we'd never do it ourselves again. We're middle aged here ain't pretty . I always take the first week of April off from the Servitude so this gave me a few weeks to sort it all out. Even though I had an idea of the paint colors I wanted ( yes..more than one was involved here folks) , I still had to go to Chrome Depot and grab all the paint cards I could lay my mitts on. Ditto Lowes.

Sort, shuffle, view, choose, tape to wall, discard , lather , rinse, repeat . Choices made. Now comes the really fun part. Harvest empty boxes from Servitude to drag home . Pack all of the silver and the crystal from the china hutch. Pack and load out the floor to ceiling bookcase full of cd's, dvd's books and various krep. We must have 400 cd's. I do not lie. scads of dvds, the tapes lone gone, books..oh hell yeah. Then my collection of dragons . About 100 of not ask. Each one lovingly wrapped in white tissue paper and stored in the guest room now designated the " Place where all the crap is being stored. " Down comes all the art, all the photos and portraits of the late parental units. New drapes removed, rugs rolled...4 runner size, 1 good size area and a small one for the kitteh's . Umph. Ceiling AC/Heat registers down to be repainted since they don't make those anymore. Nail holes patched, baseboards hoovered, ditto cobwebs.
Furniture draped and moved. Note....those furniture slider things are pricey but damn..grab them if you even think you need them. This was the first time I've been able to more furniture without a back spasm. I'd already asked the Moron ( not SU..the other one) about how much paint to buy. Hint..even professionals will overestimate and there are no refunds on custom tint.
If you need Ralph Lauren " Goldfinch..." call me..LOL.

Painting Day.

Good to go.

All ya'll should know that we chose latex. LMAO . Now thats a headache . There I am , coffee in hand, sort of awake, ( Z..snerk..ZZZ) and the Moron arrives. First of all , let me say that he does excellent work. He quoted me half the price he usually charged and as noted above , I bought the paint. We'd already determined that the indoor 4 would be fine, hiding in the master with food, water, and their boxes. They are bright that way..why move when we can sleep ? Andy and I camped on the patio. Read books, puttered in the yard, potted plants..good times folks, good times. The problem is that the Moron talks to himself. ALL DAMN DAY LONG. I kept thinking he was asking questions...nope... Sigh. Then his assistant arrives . First day, all the ceilings and walls are to be done...2 different colors for 2 areas . The second day, all the trim, woodwork and such.Again , 2 more colors for 2 different areas. Trust all works . I didn't know that all of the prep work is something that a LOT of people don't bother with .

Duhr ??????

Finally done.

And paid for...except for the new furniture and that's gonna be soon.

Well hells bells. Since the furniture is all moved.." Lets Clean Carpet." I am biologically unable to sit at home on vacation without multiple projects of some sort. Clean cupboards, drawers, closets, name it..I am so there on it. Of course it took 2 more days to re-load the room ( yes, I know, too much HGTV) but it was done. I finally found new material for the dining room chair seats and that is done....thank you Lord.

Next up...the kitchen.

It's all great and grand and yes, I am making the effort to not smoke in the house...

I was glad..almost...glad to come back to work.

Some folks travel for vacation.....we remodel/re-do.


Correspondence will be caught up..I promise.

Be safe and happy.


Aunty Pol


Susan said...

Yikes, I got tired just reading that! Now I feel bad cause I haven't unpacked everything from the move. lol

Aunty Pol said...

Oh Susan,

I felt bad about the ants. I hope you got all of that squared away..and BTW...I signed the petition .