Wednesday, April 25, 2007

BAROOOO ????????????????????????

This was in todays local paper .

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Associated Press


" A mineral discovered in Serbia has the same composition as kryptonite - the fictional substance that robs Superman of his powers - the British Museum said today . While the material is not a perfect match , its chemical breakdown is strikingly similar.

A drill core of the unusual mineral was unearthed in Serbia by a mining group which turned it over to mineral expert Chris Stanley at the Natural History Museum for analysis .

Stanley searched the Internet using the minerals chemical formula , sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide and discovered that the same scientific name used in the film " Superman Returns " .

The white powdery material - not green crystals - will be named Jadarite."

WTF Over ?

Unless I missed something..Superman was and is fiction. Now , Lord knows that I love " Smallville," just friggan love it. Love the camp, the cute and especially the Magnificent Bastard , aka Papa Luthor . But's still fiction .

Personally, I am waiting for the discovery of a decent spice blow and melange harvest...heh .

I got yer family atomics right here bucko.

Shai Halud.

Have a great and safe week.


Aunty Pol .

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