Tuesday, December 11, 2007

WTF ? Over ?

I belong to a number of sites that are focused, polite, and just basically just play nice with others. They are well moderated, we have been friends for a long time. Other sites that I am newish to, I have taken the time to to know .

The kind where you break through the virtual world and deal with each other in real life. You invite or are invited to each others homes. You behave life a proper guest. You are respectfull of your host . You behave in the manner in which you were raised.

And then there are the others..the Flame Monkeys.

It begs the question............why ?

The audience you were jonsing for recognizes your lame ass attempt at a coup.

Get the F Over It


Aunty Pol

1 comment:

Susan said...

Wow, do I even wanna know? Some people are freaks. Sorry you're having or had an issue.