Thursday, December 20, 2007

Suprises and Resolutions

I find that the older I get, the more suprised I am by the kindness of strangers and the occasional random act of kindness . I'm not sure what this means exactly and I am not going to do my usual " mess with it like it's a sore tooth till you want to scream bit..but still it deserves to be recognized . It's been an odd year in many ways , and yet at the same time, new routines have been worked on and patterns changed . There are many things that I am so grateful for..the health and happiness of friends and +50 ladies group who understand and laugh and support each other no matter what....the gang of Hellions that I still game with after 5 years...Malibu and Mr. Mullet and their child ( my Godson) who is getting married July 2008, ( really seems like yesterday that I was reading to him ) , The Crazy Cajun and his wife, the Yakers, and far too many others to name here . I am grateful that we have all hung together through some of the brightest and or darkest days we've all shared . I suspect that they are in part grateful that Hisself and I are still married and haven't killed the other yet......kidding ..kidding....geeze.

I am not one to make resolutions, I honestly believe that they are a way to set ourselves up for failure . I'd rather take it a day at a time, trying to remember that not every action requires a reaction, not every comment merits a reply and sometimes the best thing to do when faced with things is to just leave it alone...walk away. If it requires something..that won't change in a matter of days but the self created trauma may have lessened . Our parents were as always right . It truely is " Not as bad as it seems " more often than not...and after all , very little in life is really worth throwing a fit of Pete over ( LOL..that still makes me laugh Daddy, it really does ) .

Yes , I have goals for 2008 and beyind...but they are private..I have found it better to keep it that way .

Have a safe and joyous holiday, may it be everything that you hope for and more. I hope that your families , biped or furbaby , are all happy , healthy warm and safe.

Feliz Navidad.

Aunty Pol

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