Friday, January 04, 2008

When dies this shit stop ?


I think I have to throw in the towel .


We got the estimate from the dude.

Last year our heat part of the central air /heat thingy went kaput. Living in zone 9 ( tropical) this was not large.

Fast forward.

Hiself took it upon hisself to get it checked into.

Well had the day off.......whatevs.

It seems that the heat part is kaput and according to the A/C wonk....the air part will soon follow.

Like twins separated at birth.

Question One : Why does a new friggan system not last more than 14 years ?

Question Two : Why ?

I am beyond ...whatever...

The estimate has a comma in the figure .

F savings.

And I have no idea about income tax for 07.

For those who read this and tisk tisk.." Prior Prudent Planning "

F off n die.

The taxes I can do..

I paid the prop/homeowners a week ago,,,,,,,,,,,and there was a comma.

I would cry if I had the stamina right now


Aunty Pol

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