Friday, August 09, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Freaking Friday Campers, we survived yet another week.

Huzzah..Barkeep...another round !

I kid, I am still at work, and yeah howdy don't I wish.

We are all actively praying for rain..anywhere . It's been 100 degrees or more for the better part of the week and what worries me is that I guess I have gotten used to it...not happy about that but whats a woman to do ?

And of course time has gotten away from me. Now if you ask me how I am going to accomplish something that might take 6 months to a year, I can  easily line it out for you ...but ask me what I am doing this weekend..blank...completely blank. This is why we have a calender on the fridge. This time last year, this weekend in fact we were in Nola for a few days since hisself had a family reunion in Mississippi and Nola time was my inducement..yes..I can be bought but I suspect all y'all already had that one figured out.

And of course we were trying to help Xena so there were countless trips to the old vet, and then the renovation /repair of the roof/driveway/deck then the holidays then the real renovation began and now Loki and a new vet and how the F did vacay sneak up on me ?

I swore up and down that this weekend....THIS WEEKEND that I would NOT go near a mall or a store because it is the pre-school year tax free hootenanny of course I HAVE to go to Kohls after work tonight.

Why ?

Valid question.

Cause I have no friggan time.

Two weeks from today hisself heads east and has to work tomorrow, so if I am going to have him not look like a ragamuffin ( sorry honey, most of your polos are crap ) , I have to go shopping tonight . While he is at work tomorrow, I really need to clean the house ( can you help with bathrooms please dear) and we still ( what we, he I mean ) have shelves to get installed so the final bookcase can be finished tho I can promise you the damn boxes are  gonna have to wait...then next weekend we have nails/vet and he plays golf on Sunday then he is gone.....

Somewhere I need to manage a hair appt in all of this crap so..le sigh.

And all I wanna do is sleep.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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