Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Oh Sweet Bast ~ I Sure Hope Not ~ !

As our weather warms up even more, inching towards the Sweet Baby Jesus can we get a storm in the Gulf...I have been noticing more ande more gals in my office and around the Allen Center complex wearing this style of dress.

Yes, the Maxi Dress has risen from the dead.

Ah , the days of my halcyon youth, when Gunne Saxe was still available and Liberty prints were all the rage. In the 1970's , maxi's were for the ,largest part cotton, modest to the point of being more Pemberly than Prada and one wore a damn slip.You just did , and so did everyone else. Ditto for a bra.

Now when I see these dresses like the above example shown above, my first thought is that I love the print. This happens to come from a vender called " One World " , available at Dillards and at Shop NBC...and IK have a handful of their tops. They have the most amazing prints with chiffon sleeves and overlays and my beloved hi-low's a thing , trust me.  They wash up like a dream and will take no room to pack . When it actually hits 100 degrees as it will today , they are appropriate with dress pants without a blazer and wonderful with jeans and favorite...LOL..but you knew that .

But...these dresses that I see. Okay..first of all , I do not think that sleeveless  is appropriate for an office, IK know, I am a middle aged bat...but still, if you are at the front desk as I am , it makes a difference. Secondly, the knit material looks like jammies material and I can bet you money  these gals ain't wearing a slip....And don't get me started on FreeBoobin ....aka Chick Commando.

Some things just don't work the second time around.

Just sayin...............

Aunty Pol

PS..Blogger is being all pissy so I will ignore the typos if y'all will....kthxbai

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