Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Loki Report ~ Part 2 ~

I am just a walking mass of mixed feelings right now.

Dr. S ( I can neither spell nor pronounce the Dr.s last name properly so  for sanity sake it will be simply Dr. S.) called Gordy while Gordy was at work . Given the nature of Gordy's work, it is very hard for him to hear a call so he called me asking that I return the call. I had intended to call the vet's office anyway because for the 4'th day in a row, Loki completely urped ( at times with impressive trajectory ) the antibiotic up. Plus any food in his tummy so I knew this was an " Oh shit " moment.

We had been waiting for the results of the thyroid panels and they all came back fine so it is really a case of age.

Our number one son is 13 years old which translates into approximately 68 in human years . Not really old but remember that they were abandoned and then found at the age of  5 days old sans kitty mama. Loki was sooo damn'd determined to live that he had one eye open...almost fully open at the age of 5 days !


I told Dr. S about the vomiting and that I was not goiogn to give eit to him and Dr. S agreed , saying that evidently it was too much for my boy. It was then that we got to the "meat " of the conversation. Dr. S and the rest of the staff had reviewed all of the charts and reports and concluded that there was really tnothing that they could do for Loki and that nature would just take it's course. I did mention that when Loki hd been given a B-12 shot and the steroid shot that he seemd to perk up but Dr. S calmly reminded me that this was only going to last for about 2 weeks each time and that then it would be 2 week appt, shot...peppy , wind down ...lather, rinse repeat and that it would be hard on him. At this point I verbalized that " So these shots are really more for us than him ? " and Dr. S said yes....

On the one hand, thank Bast it's not cancer ( Like Jake) or FIV ( Like Andy) or Kidney ( Keesha, and Bubba ) or Pneumonia ( Munchkin) or IBS ( Xena) , FIL ( Oogie) Auto ( Missy), Food Poisoning ( Sarge) Stroke ( Peaches and Casey - Mother of Bubba , Grandmother of Peaches )'s just old age....


I was almost hoping that it was thyroid , something fixable. We could do something !!


I should be happy or relieved at the very least and yet all I am is profoundly and deeply sad.

I remember each and every fur baby that has graced my life and I know that all of the above, Buster ( brother John's cat) and the girl's Shi Tsu's Gumbo and Nici are going to make room at the Bridge...I just can't shake the sadness. I should be at peace with this and I am trying but I guess today is not the day.

It will be okay.

Aunty Pol


Count Thalim said...

He'll have a lot of family to play with on the other side when he goes to join them.

And he has some of the best 13 years a cat could want.

Hugs from the other side of the pond.

CT, Spirael, Mindy & the kitties

kleinwort said...


Honey! I'm so praying for you all. Above are Rupert's assurances to Loki that it IS going to be OK. His mom and dad love him. His furblings are awaiting his arrival whenever that may be.

I must have exclaimed as I was reading your post, 'cause Rupert was immediately on the table nudging me in a worried way. Then he turned around and very deliberately typed his message.

Love and hugs coming to you all from B'more.