Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

And y'all thought I wasn't going to continue with HFBOTD just because " Burn Notice " is no more ?
Silly rabbits.

I was completely entranced with the final episode . Everyone was true to the essence of their character and yes, I cried like a toddler when Madeline made her sacrifice but it was so true to her character, the ultimate need to protect her boys and her extended family that while upsetting I could find no fault in the logic of it. There was no other choice, she knew that she didn't have the skills or stamina to get Charlie to safety, there simply wasn't time . Her character throughout the series had been conflicted by a certain amount over the fact that there were times she felt she had failed to protect her sons from their fathers abuse so possibly in this way she was having a moment of atonement .

Sam..what can I say about my Sam.
He would never have been that angry with Michael or frightened for him if he had not honestly felt the love of a brother and best friend for Michael. At one point I was afraid that Michael was  going to shoot Sam when they were on the way to "meet " Fiona. His teary eyed reaction as he explained to all the others that Michael might in fact be lost to them said it all.

Jesse..Oh dear...his love for this family and Madeline said it all. He was the perfect protector for Charlie.

Fiona..Oh you wonderful psycho woman you . I wanted you to kill Sonya honey , I really did , but your abiding faith in your Michael made the end perfect . I understand your being with Carlos, you had to try at least to make a new life but it was half hearted at best and everyone knew that.

I will miss the writing and of course my Sam Axe aka Chuck Findley but never fear...

HFBOTD shall live on.

Have a great weekend.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

So glad!

Didn't read the post 'cause I haven't watched it yet. Don't think I want to 'cause it means the end but I will one day.