Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Frakkin Friday Peeps

Whew. What a week.

We have survived the dreaded Gorgon of 4/15/08. Thank You Lord, Thank You Jeebus .

Things that we /I have also done this week :

March Of Dimes: Walk for the Bebe's:

Every year , for various charities the offices does the pay $5 and you too can wear your beegee's..( No..Not The Brother's not go there ....I AM fan girl) . Mumble years ago , we had " Casual Friday . "



As always, SOME people abused it. Shit I wouldn't wear to work in the garden abuse. So of course the PTB's said " Oh , HELL no."

That ended.

Then we went to Bidness Casual.

Same Nightmare even amplified.

Some PPL just do not get it .

We have now a policy that on a three day weekend, the Friday thereof we can wear BG's . Since I stopped wearing suits/street length skirts four years ago and wear pants or a long skirt , this is no big whoop to me.

When we do a charity thingy, if you pay the fiver, you can wear jeans on a non holiday Friday.


As in the implication of a given CHOICE.

As always, the lame, inept, small minded jive ass mofo's bitched ad nauseum about having to pay said fiver to wear BG's. Thus negating the concept of......wait for it....wait....wait.....


What evs.

The SC ladies baked cupcakes to sell for a buck a throw to raise more monies. At approx. 2:45 there were still a combined total of 40 left. I suspect more grousing.." I have to pay a fiver to wear jeans and a buck for a cupcake ...ummm...NO."

This is for a CHARITY people.

So my main partner in Crime, Sistah of my heart and another attorney no less bought all the thrice damn'd cupcakes and sent an e mail.

" Cupcakes are paid for now thus free.......Enjoy ."

My e mail would NOT have been so nice.

Tomorrow: Shrimp....Nuff said.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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